5 Good Things
September 25, 2016
5 Good Things
October 2, 2016

2 Week Pacific West Coast Roadtrip – Northern Oregon

After spending a couple of days in Portland, we began heading in the direction of Crater Lake, with several stops scheduled along the way – Oregon is so gorgeous!

Multnomah Falls is somewhere that had been on our list pretty much from the very start of planning our trip. We had seen so many beautiful photos of it online, and it looked so majestic and just magical. To find it, you pull into a large car park in front of a hotel, which was a little more touristy than we had expected, but the waterfall more than makes up for that when you round the corner onto it.



It really does look like something from a fairytale. We stood at the lower viewing area gazing up at the falls for a good 20 minutes before tackling the short hike to the bridge. It wasn’t too crowded at any point and we found that we could get some good photos and drone footage of the area without too many accidental photo-bombers!


After checking out the gift shop at Multnomah Falls (they have lots of pretty trinkets there!) we headed on for a quick stop at Oneonta Gorge. We weren’t brave enough to do the full hike as it involved wading through water, and our hiking adventurousness hasn’t quite reached that level yet (although we have conquered Angel’s Landing, so we should really stop making excuses!).


We did however check out the cool tunnel near the mouth and had a wander into the open area at the start of the gorge.


It was so tranquil and quiet, we were the only people there for a good while and we were able to just perch on a rock and enjoy the stunning scenery before hopping back into the car to continue the long drive towards Bend.


We came across Lower Horsetail Falls as we were driving along – it’s quite tricky to find parking here, but if you’re patient people tend to come and go regularly so you can jump in a space that somebody has just left.



We had some fun taking photos at the Lower Falls before deciding to brave the hike up to the Upper Horsetail Falls.


We were shocked at how difficult the hike actually was, especially in the heat, it was super steep! There is a magnificent reward waiting at the top however in the form of a powerful waterfall spouting from the mouth of a cliff, filling a large pool beneath it, which eventually feeds down to the lower falls.


You can walk all the way round the back of the waterfall as well, which was perfect after a sweaty hike up there – we got a free spritz from mother-nature to cool us down! Again, we were here with only a few other people, so it was really peaceful and far from the busy atmosphere you might find at some of the big national parks.


Our journey next took us to Rowena Crest – yes we only knew about this spot because of Instagram, and yes, we got some good photos specifically to put on our Instagram page… But still, the drive up the the actual ‘crest’ was great fun, with huge bendy turns and stunning views beneath you. We met another couple up here with a drone, so had fun comparing notes and following cars along the road to showcase the crazy bends.



Trillium Lake was our next planned stop, but admittedly we didn’t spend much time here at all. It was getting into the late afternoon by the time we arrived, and the cloud cover and threat of rain made the scene quite gloomy.


It was also super cold! I couldn’t believe how much colder it was here than back at Rowena Crest. We both just wanted to hop back into the car and load up on doughnuts, so we stayed just long enough to get a couple of photos and some video footage before moving on. Looking back at the images, the cloud cover actually makes for some spectacularly dramatic photos so maybe it was a blessing in disguise…


The lake was absolutely huge, and with the majestic mountains rising up out of the horizon, I would imagine that Trillium Lake is a great place to spend a warm summer’s evening, but if you come outside of the peak season, make sure you bring layers!

En-route to our accommodation we stopped at Cove Palisades State Park. It was well and truly evening by the time we arrived here, so everything was shut, but it was still a really pretty place to take a drive around.


You can camp here, or park up for $5 a day to enjoy a picnic or do some hiking to check out the dam. The colours here were unlike anything we’d seen anywhere else on the trip so far, and it was a nice little stop before heading to our final destination.



Be sure to check out our video on our YouTube channel for more detail on our trip!


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