2 Week Pacific West Coast Roadtrip – San Francisco Part 2
November 14, 2016
New Zealand – North and South Islands in 2 Weeks
November 24, 2016

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This week was filled with traffic jams, storms, secret santa selection, nostalgia and wistful plans for future holidays.

I’m still struggling to cope with the dark evenings and the cold weather. I suppose visiting New Zealand during their springtime probably completely threw my internal body clock, which is subsequently not even remotely prepared for the arrival of Winter.

As I type, it is growing dark outside beyond my patio doors, and I am wrapped up in my pyjamas, a fluffy jumper and a blanket, clutching a cup of tea. I am in full hibernation mode.

So to cheer myself up I have been looking through our photographs from New Zealand and starting to write up some travel posts (stay tuned on melandjona.co.uk for these!). I have also been eating Nutella directly out of the jar, but perhaps that’s not something to be proud of…

1. These gorgeous nature images we captured in New Zealand.



2. Meeting up with my beautiful cousin Emma for a day of catching up and Christmas shopping – oh and a scrummy burger and coffee thrown in for good measure!cousins

3. Making future travel plans – New York at Christmas and Canada next year (something tells me I’ll be stocking up on winter woolies…)! Super excited about this, and hoping we’ll get to see some snow, as it’s so rare here in the South of the UK these days!

4. The simple things, like this dew, glistening prettily in the morning sunshine (ok this is another throwback photograph, but looking at it has already got me excited for spring!).


5. Merlin, just being Merlin…

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