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April 23, 2017
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10 Things to See on the Isle of Wight, UK
May 7, 2017

This weekend we took a trip to Wiltshire for a wander around Chippenham and to check out Castle Combe. I love Wiltshire, it’s so quaint and quintessentially English!

1 – The village of Castle Combe. It is just so pretty! I absolutely love the light stone buildings and all of the wisteria and ivy that can be found draped across the little shuttered windows. I’d recommend a visit if you’re ever in or around the area!

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2 – This lovely little church graveyard in Castle Combe. It is a wildlife conservation area, and they have deliberately left some of the areas of grass to grow long in order to help flowers grow and seeds to germinate. They also don’t clear the moss, lichens or other plants off of the gravestones in order to let the various species thrive.

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3 – This very friendly peacock! I’ve never seen a peacock displaying in real life, so I was super excited when we stumbled across this guy just outside Castle Combe village. He was crowing and shuffling his feathers too – very impressive ;-)

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4 – Purchasing these lovely tribal print Toms in the sale for £21 – aren’t they lovely? I used to own a grey pair of Toms, and they were the softest, comfiest shoes I have ever owned, so I’m excited to have them back in my life.

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5 – These patchwork sheep. Just look at those lovely mottled brown and cream colours! So pretty, and perfectly complemented by that peaches and cream sunset backdrop.


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