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Can you believe we only have a week left in July? Crazy! This month has flown by in a blur of car breakdowns, tv catch ups, hot, sticky days and awesome thunderstorms. Here are the things that have been keeping me positive this week:

1 – Game of Thrones has returned – need I say more? I was literally counting down the days to the season premier, and now wait on tenterhooks for each week’s instalment. Dragons, potions, magic, murder, and some seriously inspiring female characters – GoT is the dream series.

2 – Seeing the final year medical students graduate this Friday, and being able to help ensure the ceremonies went smoothly. After several years of hard work, it’s lovely to see all of the celebrations of those young people off out to become real-world doctors!

3 – Those crazy thunderstorms earlier this week. Lightning literally lit up our bedroom for several hours, and we got to watch nature’s wrath all from the comfort of our cozy bed.

4 – Devouring a whole honeydew melon this weekend. There’s something intensely ‘summery’ about a tasty melon isn’t there?

5 – Speaking of summer, we’ve been dreaming up ways to make our garden more inviting, and are hoping to install a summerhouse (or if I get my way, a hobbit hole with a wood-burning stove) – see below for inspiration;-) Oh, and if hobbit holes are your thing, check out our Hobbiton post here!

Hobbiton, NZ - melandjona.co.uk

Hobbiton, NZ - melandjona.co.uk

Hobbiton, NZ - melandjona.co.uk

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