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10 Things You Must See in Vancouver, CA
July 30, 2017
Visiting Vancouver's Suspension Bridges - Melandjona.co.uk
Visiting Vancouver’s Suspension Bridges
August 6, 2017

1.) Meeting some rather impressive-looking fallow deer on Saturday. Aren't they magnificent?

2.) These beautiful pears growing on trees at Dyrham Park. Guess who now really wants a pear tree in her garden??

3.) This gorgeous and colourful installation in Bath – ironically this was the one day this week it didn't rain!

4.) The annual staff party at work – free snacks, live music and a whole lotta bunting. Always a lovely afternoon away from the office with the lovely people I work with :-) oh, and there's free candy floss too!

5.) Garlic bread on Saturday night – sorry no picture as I gobbled it up too quickly! I do love a good bit of garlic bread…

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