Visiting Vancouver's Suspension Bridges -
Visiting Vancouver’s Suspension Bridges
August 6, 2017
5 Good Things
August 13, 2017

This week was a busy one, with lots on at work – I'm very much looking forward to a mini-break to the Isle of Wight next week! There have been a few things making me smile this week though, so here they are!

1. The mermaid-tastic Birchbox this month. Isn't the box just the prettiest thing?

2. Finally getting my hands on some coconut oil (having never quite fancied paying the rather high price tag for the proper stuff) thanks to this month's Birchbox. It smells soo good, and I have a feeling I might be using it more for cooking/consuming than for my hair or skin!

3. A delicious lunch out with my lovely work ladies to celebrate Noshin, our lovely apprentice, starting her new permanent role next week. Burgers all round! Look at the mountain of onion straws that came as my side order!

4. Stumbling across this pretty display in one of the meeting rooms at work. We work in a Life Sciences building, so there's lots of interesting sciencey bits around.

5. Playing around with some book photography, and in the process rediscovering my love of Harry Potter and subsequently checking my details on Pottermore (House: Hufflepuff, Patronus: Cheetah, Wand: Cypress Wood, Phoenix feather core).

I've just ordered some more books, ready for next week, although I'm still currently working my way through the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman!

What are you reading?

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