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5 Good Things
August 20, 2017
Abandoned Train Whistler, CA | www.melandjona.co.uk
Abandoned Train – Somewhere on the Outskirts of Whistler, CA
September 3, 2017

1. A long bank holiday weekend! Oh I do love an extra day off work – and this time the weather even played ball and we got to enjoy sunshine all weekend. Perfect.

2. Spending Saturday exploring the Peak District in Yorkshire. We’ve never actually been to the Peak District, and have been meaning to visit for a while. So we packed a pop up tent, duvet and pillows and set off on a roadtrip. Turns out, we managed to whisk around loads in a few short hours, and as all of the campsites were full, we made it home again on the same day! The Peak District really is beautiful, and I think it would be great to do a long weekend here someday so that we can properly explore.

Peak District, Yorkshire, UK | www.melandjona.co.uk

3. Enjoying the tastiest (and the largest!) onion bhajis ever the other day for lunch at the Bridge Bar on campus. Just look at them, they look like some kind of weird, gnarled deep sea creatures! They tasted absolutely delicious though, and not at all seafood-y…

4. Using the long weekend to its full potential by doing some gardening and going for long walks through our local woodland. I bought some lavender and some other evergreen shrubs for our planters. Here’s hoping that they actually stay green year round! Oh, and I had a good sweep up and trimmed some plants. Isn’t it amazing what a little tlc can do?! Now just to install that summerhouse…

Local woodland – often inspiration for my own gardening!

5. This last point is both a positive and a huge negative. We watched the season finale of Game of Thrones tonight. I now just don’t know what on earth I’m going to do with myself on a Monday evening! To help with the sadness I baked some Millie’s-style cookies to eat throughout. We got through 3 each, and they’re not small!

I am absolutely gutted that it is a whole year (and then some) before the next season. I’m tempted to watch it all through again from season 1, because, why not?

I hope you’ve all had a lovely (and if you’re in the UK, extra long) weekend!

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