Top Things to See and Do in Banff, Alberta |
Banff, Alberta – Our Top Things to See and Do
September 24, 2017
The Enchantment of the Hoh Rain Forest
October 1, 2017

1. The first official day of Autumn this week, yay! Yep I’m one of those people, the ones obsessed with crunchy golden leaves underfoot, woolly scarves, hot chocolates, frosty windows and crackling fires. And I’m not even remotely ashamed to admit it.

2. A night of eating fajitas and nachos, playing games, and laughing until my stomach hurt and my cheeks ached, courtesy of the lovely ladies I work with. It was very much needed!

3. Booking our next holiday! We are off to Florida in November. Disney, white sand beaches, palm trees and Christmassy Hogsmede. I can barely contain my excitement! It’s going to be fab, and hopefully just what we need in the grey month of November…

4. Realising that the ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ movie is released in a few weeks – I’m super excited for this!

5. A lovely evening stroll along the English coastline at Milford on Sea, with a portion of fish and chips. There’s nothing quite like the sea air to make you feel fresh and alive, is there? We also spent quite some time admiring the pretty beach huts along the seafront, in all their mismatched, colourful glory.

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